Following-up Technology finding the best solutions for problems that occur in lack of permanence of floors and its color changing, So, it’s necessary to find a solution for these problems, in addition to creating a beautiful character that lasts longer. STAMPED CONCRETE found the best solution and began to spread in all over the world, and keep up with the different types of soil. This solution was by entering the sealed concrete floors.

Use preservatives on the floor to give protection and according to our long experience and processing of raw materials and the work of insulating layers in this field and through our work in major and multiple projects, we humbly and proudly offer the highest levels of service and execution across our trained workers, expert staff and high level engineers.

As we are entering from the external works to the interior of the same floor using Acid Stain, they are also colored with acid concrete where we work to incorporate the colors of the concrete in beautiful forms and has a long durability and combines heritage and sophistication

Through our relationship with major International companies in this area it had to be the introduction of three-dimensional floor, which is considered a newest field of decoration that creation of a real atmosphere, using EPOXY as a preservative and to give it its special luster and the introduction of LIGHT ONEX in columns, antiques
Aaron CAST STONE (solid surface) to create kitchen counters, bathrooms, reception and multiple decoration shapes.